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The Stevington Historical Trust is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of:

Stevington: The Village History Revisited

This new edition has been largely rewritten and incorporates much new information as well as a number of hitherto undiscovered photographs. The aim is to print the work as a companion volume to the Natural History in the same size and format and will be published in October 2021

The book is written by Peter Hart and set by Paul Middleton, with Photographic editing by Roger Day.

The book will run to 368 pages, with 346 mostly colour photographs and illustrations, and will be printed in a limited edition of 150.

The original edition sold out fairly quickly and is now a collector's item. It is anticipated the this revised edition will be equally popular.

The total cost per copy is £30. To reserve a copy please make an advance payment of £10, with the balance of £20 is due on publication.

Please send cash or cheque, payable to "Stevington Historical Trust", to either Roger Day at 7 Park Road or Peter Hart at 2 Park Road.

To pay by Bacs please transfer £10 to Stevington Historical Trust at sort code: 30-90-66 A/C 02357030 with reference "SVHR Surname)

If you have any questions please call 01234 823081


You can see a small preview of the book from our sample pdfs

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*shipping costs will be added automatically to online orders