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Stevington: The Natural History of a Bedfordshire Parish

The Stevington Historical Trust is proud to announce the publication of its latest work:

Stevington: The Natural History of a Bedfordshire Parish.

This book was inspired by Gilbert White’s Natural History of Selborne (1788-9); we understand that there have been comparatively few systematic studies of the natural history of a single parish since White wrote. The book is the fruit of a study which has taken over eight years’ intensive work. It was constructed in two parts: a Field Survey and a Garden Watch. The Field Survey, led by Jacqueline Gooding, aimed to record the flora and fauna in the open fields of the Parish. The Garden Watch, led by Susan Young, involved numerous householders making a weekly record of garden inhabitants and visitors over a three year period.

The resulting text is the work of a number of hands. It is an amateur project which has benefited greatly from input by recorders of the Bedfordshire Natural History Society and other experts.

Hear us talk on BBC 3 Counties Radio (fast forward 2hrs 44 mins into programme)

The book is richly illustrated with photographs taken, for the most part, by Roger Day and pen and brush illustrations by Jacqueline Gooding.  The work amounts to 344 pages in hard laminated covers.

You can see sample pdfs or view a slideshow preview of the book from our online gallery

Thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors it has been possible to publish a reprint which is now available for £20 plus shipping. There are many enhancements to the image quality plus a few important text changes to the first issue.

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